Please give what you are able to the children at Child Haven.


Child Haven Covid Update April 28th, 2021

With the dedication of the Child Haven staff, the children in our Children’s Homes have been kept free of the covid virus for over a year. Even with the recent very frightening and devastating second wave of the virus causing a huge increase in the number of Covid cases in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, until now only one child, in the Hyderabad Home, an 8-year-old boy, has tested positive. He is recovering well. Several of our staff members also contracted the virus, and they too are isolated and have either recovered or are recovering well. Our schools are having the same issues as the ones in the west. Some had re-opened in recent months, but are closed again with the children now taking online classes.

India, Nepal and Bangladesh are all in lock-down. The Home staff leave only when necessary. Everyone in the Homes is requested to observe the rules of frequently washing hands with soap and water, getting rest, social distancing, eating healthy food, to keep their immune systems up so as to keep healthy.

Visitors are not permitted to come to the Homes, and required official visitors must wear a mask and wash their hands upon entry. Any staff going out for necessary supplies are required to social distance, wear a mask and wash their hands upon return also.

Medical professionals on the Child Haven Board in India and Canada have been following recent developments with the virus very closely and have been advising the homes.

We will be posting messages here to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Thank you for supporting our children.


Children at our Chittagong Home in a recent photo taken by Assistant Manager, Forhad

Spring 2021 newsletter.