Monthly Archives: July 2013

Kathmandu’s Monkey Temple

We strongly encourage our interns to take periodic days off from the children and the home and get out into the surrounding area to experience the unique culture and atmosphere of the area. This is an account from an intern who did just that while staying at the CHI home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kathmandu’s famous “Monkey Temple”. The real name for this ancient hilltop religious complex is Swayambhunath, the Tibetan name meaning “Sublime Trees”. Continue reading

Kindergarten in Kaliyampoondi

Kids are cute, but these kids are ridiculously cute. Their smiles are infectious and their giggles quickly become viral. It doesn’t take much to start them going – a look, a sound, the slightest touch, and the giggles erupt. They rapidly spread from one to another until the whole room is vibrating with laughter. Continue reading

A very special Anniversary

Yesterday, July 14th, we celebrated Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino’s 60th Wedding Anniversary and the launch of Child Haven International’s Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund.


During the 60 years of their marriage, Bonnie and Fred raised their own 21 children, 19 adopted from around the world. They have also nurtured and provided loving care for thousands of formerly destitute children and women in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. With their guidance, over the past years, CHI has assembled a future transition team which is intimately familiar with the people, philosophy and inner-workings which make Child Haven truly unique and effective. Continue reading