Kindergarten in Kaliyampoondi

Kids are cute, but these kids are ridiculously cute. Their smiles are infectious and their giggles quickly become viral. It doesn’t take much to start them going – a look, a sound, the slightest touch, and the giggles erupt. They rapidly spread from one to another until the whole room is vibrating with laughter.

If you have spent any time with the kindergarteners of Kaliyampoondi you’d know what we were talking about. They are a quirky cute group of little munchkins aged 2 to 5. They’re learning about many things; their ABC’s and 123′s, their toes, their nose, and even poems about a rose.




They sing songs and learn rhymes, all in a tiny little room on the Child Haven campus here in Kaliyampoondi. If you ever find yourself in the region you should visit.  Help them out a bit with english and they’ll teach you their favorite games. On our visits we go through the letters and numbers and then we start on the songs. They seem to know every children’s song we can think of and we are usually forced to fall back on old faithful – the hokey pokey. Yes, it teaches about the parts of the body and right and left and in and out, but mostly it makes us look silly and the children really love that.

It is wonderful to watch little minds at work. It always amazes us how fast they can grasp and learn new things. They are so smart, so interested in learning, and just so stinking cute.

Until next time,