Intern Orientation

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for a worthy cause? Do you want to journey overseas, immerse yourself in a new culture and help some amazing children?


Since 1985, over 1000 interns have journeyed halfway around the world to volunteer in one of Child Haven International’s children’s homes in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. These adventurous and giving individuals pay their own way, live at or near the homes in simple accommodation, and eat the same vegetarian meals as the staff and children. They provide extra tutoring, help with arts and crafts projects, general child care, office assistance, and other support. They are invaluable to our organization and we treasure each and every intern who gives their time and energy to our children.

Four times a year, a new group of eager and enthusiastic potential interns descend upon the Cappuccino Farm in Maxville, ON for a 2 day Intern Orientation. They learn about the history of Child Haven and its overseas homes and projects, the do’s and don’ts of being an intern, cultural information about the countries they may be visiting, and participate in many question and answer sessions. They have a one on one talk with Bonnie Cappuccino to see which home they are interested in and which home may be most suitable to their unique attributes. This past weekend was our most recent orientation with 5 potential interns, a few past interns, and some very special guests.


Child Haven interns commit to a mimimum 3 month stay and are normally 21 years or older. Each intern pays their own airfare and are required to take out travel medical insurance. They receive no salary. They are expected to live simply and in harmony with the Gandhian spirit of the Child Haven homes. During their stay interns must be vegetarian, a non-smoker, and cannot consume alcohol or drugs. Married and committed couples are welcome to volunteer together, but young unmarried couples are may be perceived as controversial and are thus unacceptable out of respect for the cultural values of the countries in which our homes are located. Dating and romances overseas are also unacceptable as an intern for this reason.

Volunteering with Child Haven International as an overseas intern is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will gain an increased understanding and appreciation of a culture other than your own, hopefully become a more enlightened and compassionate individual, experience the incredible and honest love of beautiful children and leave wanting to come back for more.


If you are interested in this unique experience please email our office to get a complete application package. This initial package includes 3 forms to be filled out and returned along with 3 character references. Other information enclosed include Child Haven’s Guidelines, preparation for your trip, possible duties while overseas and general intern information. The application/orientation fee is $50.

All interns must attend the 2 day orientation at the Cappuccino Farm in Maxville. There are several scheduled throughout the year, but space is limited – reserve your spot now.


Until next time,