Helping a girl become a woman.

Child Haven International is mainly known for its homes for destitute children, but thanks to the support of our generous donors and volunteers we are able to help many people in many different circumstances. In our latest newsletter we brought you the story of a young girl in Nepal, the struggle she endured due to a rare medical condition, and how CHI was able to help her and her family. Here is her story from the Summer 2013 CHI Newsletter – Bonnie Lore section.

An Urgent Message

In June, 2013, Bonnie heard of a crucial situation at Nepal Child Haven. A ten-year-old girl was starting her menses – and was having excruciating pain. After extensive tests and a CAT Scan it was found that there was no place for the menstrual blood to go because she was born without a vagina.

Bonnie immediately consulted with her parents and various doctors and learned that an operation was necessary, and soon. A decision had to be made about where to do it: Kathmandu, New Delhi, or Chennai? We had contacts at all these places. After more consultation with parents and others, Delhi was chosen. Staff people at our Maitreya Home in Delhi acted as go-between and helped arrange for surgery at the Apollo Hospital, which kindly gave us a discount. Bonnie sent $3600 to cover initial expenses, including $200/day (after discount) at the hospital. The Maitreya Home offered hospitality to the mother during her stay in New Delhi.

Our Maxville office arranged the most frugal air transportation between Kathmandu and Delhi. The mother took the child to the hospital, and on July 4th a team of four doctors in a six-hour operation fashioned a vagina from a portion of the child’s intestine. The operation was done by robot through a small opening in the abdomen. The doctor said it was a success, and she is expected to lead a normal life. She will go back for a follow-up 6 weeks after the initial surgery to see how she is doing and if she needs any more surgery etc. She may need another procedure. We are all relieved and happy.

Here is a link the the newsletter in its entirety.

There are many stories like this in our organizations history and thanks to people like you and your generous donations, there will be many more ways that we can help in the future. Thanks.


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