Top Ten Ways to Help

Want to help Child Haven International? Here are our Top Ten ways to lend a helping hand both figuratively and literally. We assist children and women in developing countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter, clothing, emotional and moral support – and so can you. Here’s how!

10. Stay Connected

It’s hard to help when you don’t know what’s going on. We are branching out, trying to make it easier than ever for you to stay connected with us. We have the Child Haven Website, the awesome quarterly newsletter, a new Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and this fabulous new blog. Friend us, Like us, Follow us, sign up for email notifications or sign up for the newsletter by mail. Whether online or by post, we’ve made it easy for you to be in the know with CHI – so do it!

9. Tell Everyone

Spread the word. The best way to get new supporters is through our current supporters. So get out there and tell everyone – friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers on the bus, your plumber, your best friends uncles neighbors pediatrician… you get the idea. The more people who know about Child Haven, the more people who will potentially help Child Haven.

8. Make a Bequest

Money, you can’t take it with you when you go – so why not leave it with us.

The first thing anyone should do when planning to make a bequest to any charity, is contact their legal advisor. There are three main types of planned gifts: a special gift, a residuary gift, and a contingent gift; but they are not the only ones available to you. You can learn more about planned giving by contacting our office.

7. Volunteer Locally

You know what they say – many hands make small work. Thus, it takes many people to make Child Haven work. Volunteers are involved with many aspects of the organization from helping with local fund raising activities within their communities to helping out in the Child Haven office in Maxville, sending out the quarterly newsletter and similar activities. If you have some time to spare and want to get hands-on with CHI send us an email and let us know what you can do.

6. Attend a Fundraising Event

There are Fundraising Events across Canada and a couple in the US. Our website has an up-to-date list of what’s happening in your area. These events are a wonderful opportunity to support Child Haven. You get fabulous food, wonderful company, an amazing assortment of bazaar and silent auction items, entertainment, AND all the proceeds go to Child Haven. What more could you ask for?

5. Join a Support Group

Child Haven is fortunate to work with Support Groups around the world. The groups share a common desire to help with Child Haven’s work with destitute women and children and with refugees.

Support Group members provide financial support through fundraising activities such as dinners, sales, auctions, professional skills, expert advice and good humour, all at no charge to Child Haven.

Take a look at our here for a Support Group in your area.

4. Sponsor a Student

It’s almost impossible to pay for further education in North America these days, not so in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. You can sponsor a Child Haven student for vocational, technical, or college education for as little as $38/month or $450/year.

Child Haven’s homes take children in and look after them with food, shelter and education to grade 10, which is the equivalent of finishing high school. If they are keen and capable, they will complete Plus One, Plus Two before going on to a vocational school or university. We have a sponsorship program where we match students with donors. Sponsors can pay monthly or per year.

There is no direct contact between sponsors and students, as we have found that this can lead to difficulties. Instead, we keep sponsors informed about their student’s progress and forward photos and reports whenever we receive them. To learn more, follow this link.

3. Volunteer as an Oversees Intern

Have you ever wanted to live overseas in a remote Indian village, surrounded by hundreds of the cutest, brightest, most wondrous children ever? YES? Well, interning with Child Haven may be for you. Overseas interns live at or near the homes, eat the same vegetarian meals and provide extra tutoring, arts and crafts projects, general child care, office assistance, cleaning, and numerous other things.

Interns return home with an increased understanding and appreciation of a culture other than their own, usually as more enlightened and compassionate individuals. Some interns have served three or more times. It is very easy to get attached to these amazing kids, you’ll never want to leave.

There are Intern orientations 4 times per year, held at Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino’s home in Maxville, ON in Canada. Call the CHI office to find out when the next one is and take a look at this link to find out more.

2. Donate Money

Child Haven International is a registered charity that is supported entirely by contributions from generous-hearted friends. Donations to Child Haven are eligible for tax receipts in Canada, India and the USA.

In order to make sure that your donation goes to where it is needed most – to the homes for destitute children. Child Haven keeps administrative costs to an absolute mimimum. There are no half-million dollar salaries here, NO, our International Directors share a $45,000 salary and spend nearly every waking moment working for Child Haven. They live, breathe, and sleep CHI.

We are completely transparent with our finances and release our financial statement at the end of every fiscal year. You want your money to go to those who need it, and so we want that too.

You can donate through PayPal, or by check. We are also set up to do Direct Bank Withdrawals, for people who wish to contribute monthly. We can handle any amount of money you can throw at us, so don’t be afraid to toss around the big bucks.

Show me the money!! – Jerry Maguire

And the number one way to help Child Haven – the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

1. Contribute to the Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund

Our biggest fundraising push this year is the $6 million 60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund. This July 14th is Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. Those of us at Child Haven would like to commemorate the work they have dedicated their lives to, and ensure that it continues unabated into the future by working to create the Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund.

You can contribute now. See that PayPal icon on the right – it’s that easy. You’re seconds away from helping to ensure that Child Haven lives well beyond its founders; you are seconds away from acknowledging these amazing people and their life’s work.


So you see, there are many ways to help. You can be a champion of children too. Thanks for giving, thanks for sharing, thanks for being a part of CHI.


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