Diamond Jubilee

This year is Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino’s 60th Wedding Anniversary – yes their Diamond Jubilee.


Those of us at Child Haven would like to commemorate the work they have dedicated their lives to, and ensure that it continues unabated into the future by working to create a

$6 million 60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund.

Child Haven has always operated on a hand to mouth basis. The $1.5 million that comes in annually from generous supporters like you goes out immediately to just barely cover our monthly basic requirements for food, sustenance and education for our 1,300 children and other programs. Having proven itself over many years as a vital, responsible and frugal organization uplifting the lives of thousands of destitute children and women, it’s time for Child Haven to rest on a more solid and permanent financial footing. This fund will provide the stability and resources required to carry on their work. Interest from the endowment will provide a solid base for Child Haven’s continuing operations. There will certainly still be a need for on-going fund-raising, but with a secure foundation to depend upon. This will no doubt be most re-assuring to Fred and Bonnie, as well as to the thousands who are impacted by Child Haven’s Homes and programs.

It is vital that every Child Haven supporter joins us to help raise the funds needed to set up our $6 Million 60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund. Please give as generously as you are able.

During the 60 years of their marriage, Bonnie and Fred raised their own 21 children, 19 adopted from around the world. They have also nurtured and provided loving care for thousands of formerly destitute children and women in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. With their guidance, over the past years, we have assembled a future transition team which is intimately familiar with the people, philosophy and inner-workings which make Child Haven truly unique and effective. With your help, we can secure the future for Child Haven and the children in need of our love and care.

We are encouraging everyone to fundraise toward this fund. July 14, 2013, Bonnie and Fred’s Anniversary day, we have planned a live virtual get together.

We would like everyone across Canada (and beyond) to join together, make a pledge/donation; then tune into a live internet video chat broadcast from Bonnie and Fred.

Please go to the Endowment Fund Page on the Child Haven website for more information and to donate to Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund.

With Many Thanks,
Robin, Mohan, Annie-Laurie, and Dr. Shah

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