our homes – Bangladesh-Chittagong



Established: September, 2002

Caring For: 67 children, 15 women

Language: Bengali


Child Haven was invited to start up a home in Bangladesh. A friend and supporter of CHI from it's beginnings offered us the use of a parcel of land and building in his home city of Chittagong.Chittagong

In the wake of the 9/11 bombings in New York, we felt it was important for North American's to have a greater understanding of people of a Muslim culture. We believed that by setting up a children's home in a predominately Muslim country would be our way of helping others understand acceptance. The local committee in Bangladesh agreed to follow our Gandhian philosophies, including equality to women, respect for of all religions and the education of both sexes.

August 2012This home was officially opened in September 2002. We are currently operating out of rented quarters and have hired a co-ordinator, care-givers and teachers for the classes that operate within the home, including a Montessori class for the younger children. Funds continue to be required to cover the salaries of several teachers, desks, slate boards, and books and other teaching supplies. Funds are also needed for the ongoing program.






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