International Board of Directors

• Bonnie Cappuccino
• Fred Cappuccino
• Dr. Natubhai Shah
• Peter Freud
• Bernadette Caron

Child Haven has an India Board of Directors, a Bangladesh Board of Directors, a Nepal Advisory Committee and works with local Tibetan people. All groups are composed of distinguished nationals from the respective countries.

Child Haven honours and upholds the U. N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

New Board of Child Haven International/INDIA

Members of the Board of Child Haven International/India

Front, Archana Balasubramaniam, Bonnie, Nirmalaben Naik, Sarojben Vaishnav. Rear, Raj Anthony (Secretary), K Ilangovan (President), Robin Cappuccino, J Naik, Bhalchandra Vaishnav. Mr Naik and Mrs Vaishnav are spouses of board members. Not present, Raju Gupta, Ramchandra, D. Jayachandiran, Dr Mapuskar, Dr. Deepika, Dr Chitania.

Raju is the father of Pinky, the child who came to Canada for open heart surgery in 1986. Kailash is Pinky's uncle. The family has been very grateful for the fact that Child Haven saved Pinky's life and have been helping us ever since.