Gandhian Ideals

Mahatma Gandhi was the political and spiritual leader of India during the Indian Independence movement. Child Haven International tries to uphold Gandhian Ideals, including the following;

1. No Recognition of Caste

Although caste walls are breaking down in the larger cities, they are still a factor in some areas. At Child Haven, all children are given the same opportunity.

2. Equality of the SexesGandhi

Gender-based inequities continue to exist throughout the world.

At Child Haven, girls and boys are treated equally.

3. Non-Violence

Child Haven practices non-violence not only in raising the children, but also in dealing with the outside world. It also applies to dealing with animals.

4. Vegetarian Meals

The meals are rice and lentils and vegetables, with some soya milk and yoghurt from our SoyaCow machines, which were invented by Raj and Rashmi Gupta of Ottawa.

5. Respect for Cultural/Religious Background

No proselytizing is allowed, but we celebrate all the festivals, religious and secular. A dance master teaches the children traditional Indian dance.

6. Simple Living

Two Suitcases

Each child has a little metal suitcase. All their worldly goods have to fit inside, and they do - very nicely.