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Tamil Nadu

Established: 1988

Caring For: 297 children, 35 women. 48 elderly

Language: Tamil

Child Haven's largest home, in Kaliyampoondi village near Chennai, (Tamil Nadu state) cares for two hundred and seventy children, ranging in age from newborn to twenty-one years. They attend the local schools where the Tamil language is spoken.


One building houses the Child Haven English-Medium Kindergarten school for Child Haven and village children. At night it becomes the Child Haven dormitory.

The home employs 35 women as caregivers, cooks, health care workers, tutors, office helpers and SoyaCow operators.Children at Kaliyampoondi

21 older citizens of Kaliyampoondi village receive the noon meal at Child Haven every day - the same as children, staff and volunteers receive - plus lots of companionship. They bring a pot that is filled up, with enough left for the next meal. Some come early in the morning and sit and watch the children and all the activity before lunch. They are called old age orphans because they have no offspring to care for them. We have also provided medical care and paid for funerals. They also receive soap and clothing four times a year.

Children at Kaliyampoondi library











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