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The past few years we have been fund raising to buy property and build buildings for each of our homes. 

Renting is very difficult and costly. 

India has a new law requiring Boys and Girls to sleep in separate buildings which means more construction is needed.

We have put together a Child Haven Needs List, focusing donatations to a specfic need.

Please note that Child Haven may re-designate funds if a more urgent need arises.

CHI Kids

You can make a secure credit card donation through PayPal or call our office.
It’s a wonderful way to donate to a specific need: 


donation options

Donation buttons are provided for each "Need". These are suggested methods of donation, but there are various ways you can Donate to the Child Haven Needs List

PaypalPayPal Donate

PayPal is our perfered online method of payment. It provides secure transaction.
You will not be required to setup a PayPal account.
Should you not have or want a PayPal account, an optional link is provided for other means of payment.
A steadly increasing number of donations are made to Child Haven using PayPal.

Call Child Haven Call Child Haven

Feel free to call our office regarding any Donation or have a question.
Donations by credit card can also be handled by a call to our office.

Child Haven office (613) 527-2829


Please write the ID number and Need discription on the cheque.


Child Haven may re-designate funds if a more urgent need arises.

Child Haven International is a registered charity that is supported entirely by contributions from generous-hearted friends. Donations to Child Haven are eligible for tax receipts in Canada, India and the USA.