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Post-Secondary School Sponsorship Program for Child Haven Youth

Child Haven’s Homes take children in and look after them with food, shelter and education to grade 10, which is the equivalent of finishing high school. If they are keen and capable, they will complete Plus One, Plus Two before going on to a vocational school or university. We have a sponsorship program where we match students with donors. Sponsors can pay monthly or per year.

Currently, over 100 children are in post-secondary studies, thanks to generous individual sponsors. The cost of sponsoring a student for Plus One, Plus Two ranges from $450/yr to $750/yr.

Higher education costs range from $750 to $3,000 per year for school fees, boarding and lodging, bus fares, uniforms, books etc. Senior students often need co-sponsors as some sponsors are not able to meet the increased cost of college or university studies. If a sponsor is not found, Child Haven covers the balance from our general funds.

There is no direct contact between sponsors and students, as we have found that this can lead to difficulties. Instead, we keep sponsors informed about their student's progress and forward photos and reports whenever we receive them. There is more information and a copy of our recent newsletter elsewhere on this web-site.

Should you decide to contribute to Child Haven’s youth in this way, please contact us to arrange for payment.

phone our office at 613-527-2829

e-mail Sheila at sheila@childhaven.ca


Maitreya's first ever secondary school graduates that will all be continuing with their studies. Photo by Pam Hellstrom, summer of 2012